Vintage Armoire Renovation

I recently handled the project of renovating an old wooden armoire, which was actually the old armoire of my dad when he was little.

As it wasn’t solid wood, I decided to paint it in a complete different color, a light blue/grey, almost white.

I started by sanding the armoire… not an easy job !

Rénovation armoire amandineAbove is me while sanding in my super sexy suit !

Below are the doors, one before and the other after sanding.

armoire doors before/after sanding


The doors after painting.

Painting is on its way outside and inside the cupboard.

And now with the doors opened

final result

armoire finished closed

I used different colors inside because it was the left over from the wall paint. In the meantime, I found it more original and playful!

final result

haut du placard fini


I hope you liked it and it will give you some inspiration

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to create one of your own !!
This armoire role will be in the bedroom in a little nook that I painted in dark grey. I’ll had more pictures of it once in the bedroom. make sure you come back to check it ; )

For now, Merry Christmas to you all !


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